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General Rental Conditions
1. APARTMENT RESERVATION: The booking is confirmed with the “LETTER OF CONFIRMATION” which will be sent immediately after receiving the deposit, WITH SENDING OF IT, THE CLIENT AGREES AND ACCEPTS THE GENERAL RENTAL CONDITIONS.
2. PAYMENT: The deposit requested is 30% of total amount and can be sent by post mail, cheque or through the bank. Balance will be due when the apartment key is issued to the tenant on day of arrival.
3. CANCELLATION: If the tenant breaks the contract, the “BIBIONE RESIDENCE APARTMENTS” must be informed at least 30 days prior to his scheduled arrival. The amount of the deposit will be held for a new booking date before the end of the summer season, or the following summer. The deposit will not be refunded to the client.
4. ARRIVAL: Time of access to rented premises is from 4°° p.m. to 8°° p.m. on day of scheduled arrival. PLEASE INFORM US BY TELEPHONE OF LATE ARRIVALS. Otherwise, the rented premises will be reserved only until 10 a.m. of the following day, at which time failure in contacting will cause the loss of the deposit and the office has the right to re-lease the apartment to another client.
5. DEPARTURE: On departure day the apartment must be vacated by 9°° a.m., and will be left in the same condition as it was consigned on day of arrival. It will be clean of waste, the refrigerator empty (please do not defrost or remove the ice that eventually will form around the ice box of the freezer), and the kitchen and kitchen-ware must be in order.
If requested the apartment can be cleaned at the following rates: Type AG, AT, DG, DT and BT € 50, 00, Type CT € 40, 00.

6. EARLY DEPARTURE: For any early departure, the “BIBIONE RESIDENCE APARTMENTS” will not refund money.
7. APARTMENT’S CARE: The tenant is responsible for the good care of furniture and all domestic equipment that he finds in the apartment. Any complaints regarding the apartment will be brought to the attention of the reception within the first 24 hours following arrival, otherwise all breakages or damages found at departure time will be paid by the tenant.
8. CAUTION: At the time the client receives the apartment key, a 100.00 € damage deposit will be collected and it will be returned at the time of departure following the damage free inspection of the apartment. If, for whatever reason, the tenant decides to leave the apartment before 8°° a.m., the damage deposit will be sent to the tenant by mail at his home address within 30 days following the departure date, with the understanding that the apartment has been left in order and clean, as specified; Para. 5
9. USE OF AIR CONDITIONING: The Air Conditioner is pre-set to provide only cold air, free of charge, for a total of 70hrs per week, (guest will be provided with a remote control and can use the A/C at his discretion). Use of additional A/C hours can be extended for payment by contacting the reception.
a) Common rules concerning quiet, correct behaviour and the general rules of swimming, especially during resting hours in the afternoon and at night time, must be observed.
b) It is prohibited to accommodate more persons than those stated in the contract, also small children count as adults. If it deems necessary, “BIBIONE RESIDENCE APARTMENTS” has the right to check at any time, the apartment and the number of occupants. Up to 1 additional occupant may be authorized by “INTERNATIONAL BIBIONE RESIDENCE” with an increased rental fee.
c) “BIBIONE RESIDENCE APARTMENTS” cannot be held responsible for damages or losses of personal items due to accidents or burglaries, but will give clients full support for each problem.
d) If an emergency occurs “BIBIONE RESIDENCE APARTMENTS” has the right to substitute an apartment with another of the same size.
e) Particular requests concerning the apartment such as floor number, position, etc. will be taken into consideration when at all possible.
f) Should circumstances occur beyond our control “BIBIONE RESIDENCE APARTMENTS” will not be responsible for providing or for reimbursing basic services.


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